Our story

As the Engineers of Beers we’ve made it our mission to once again make Dundee’s name synonymous with quality, precision and consistency. That’s why we brought in some of the best minds in the industry to help create a range of world-class beers, all brewed here in our state-of-the-art brewery. All because when it comes to beer, we mean business.

Yes, we entered into the fray with heads and standards held high from the start. Centuries of work went into this city’s reputation for blueprint-perfect output, and we carry that torch in every drop of beer that leaves our doors.

It’s Dundee’s first brewery in 50 years – a fact that we just have to do justice to through the highest quality ingredients and finely tuned flavours you'll find in our range. That said, we’re just as much inspired by the future as we are the past, and it’s looking good for Dundee. Very good in fact.

The creative pulse of this city’s always been here, it’s just now coming into its own. We can’t wait to see where it takes us.

About the brewery

Once home to a mighty iron foundry, Dundee’s Blackness area is again alive with the hum of industry. Towering out of the heart of what was known as ‘Hell’s Half Acre’, the building itself was a powerhouse of production that churned out thick black smoke and world-class metalwork in equal measure. Its hey-day is far from over though… this imposing red brick giant with its formidable history of hard graft and dedication to quality is where we proudly call home.

It’s this rich history that gives us the inspiration we need to engineer our beers to the highest standards possible. Inside, we’ve swapped yesterday’s iron for the sleek, efficient steel of our production line. It gives us a massive 1,200 hectolitres worth of tank space. Now, even if you don’t deal in hectolitres we probably don’t have to tell you that this is a lot of beer.

So, just as Dundee’s revelling in its creative resurrection, so too are these old ironworks. After all, it wouldn’t be a celebration without a drink or two now would it?