Ferrous Red Ferrous Red

Ferrous Red

Munich Dunkel

With a cast iron backbone of malt flavours, this red lager is something pretty special. Amber-red in colour as if freshly plucked from the furnace, there’s a hint of bitterness that settles just below its naturally smooth sweetness.

We combined a finely-tuned blend of pale, munich, toasted and crystal malts with Noble and American Mount Hood hops for this one. It’s even been cold fermented for a clean crisp finish that’s sure to satisfy and refresh after a long day at the coalface.

Ferrous Red Tasting Notes


A light copper beer with bright clarity and an off white head.


Moderately sweet malt is complemented by a slight floral hop aroma to give a satisfying but highly drinkable beer.


A moderately rich beer with a complex malt profile. Toffee and red berry soon give way to a crisp and dry finish. A touch of roasted barley gives added depth and complexity.


Medium light body with gentle creaminess. Smooth and satisfying.