India Pale Lager

There aren’t many India Pale Lagers about at the moment. Even fewer like this one. A seasonal combination of lager and ale, we took the best bits of what each style had to offer and made it our own.

Borne from a robust combination of Polish Lubiner, American Chinook hops and lager malts, our IPL is irresistibly thirst-quenching and packs a striking twice-dry hopped aroma. Refreshing and mellow, this cold fermented rarity is still undoubtedly full of character.

IPL Tasting Notes


A light and golden beer with a brilliant white, frothy head.


Fresh, piney aromas from the American Chinook hops burst forward on the nose.


All the refreshing taste of a lager with an added hit of citrusy hops. The perfect summer’s day thirst quencher.


Clean, crisp and refreshing with just enough carbonation to leave you ready for the next sip.