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We saw you were looking for something

We saw you were looking for something

We've had a few inquiries over the past several weeks asking us when we will be releasing certain brands on our online store. You likely have already seen some of these beers around Scotland or England at various grocery stores, or maybe through a subscription service. Sometimes seasonally, other times year-round.

Starting in 2020, as the pandemic closed in and we shut down our tap room and watched our local pubs and bars close, we were given an opportunity to stock some bespoke lines into a few national supermarkets. As a smaller brewery, this was a ray of light - a consistent and steady demand for products that allowed us to keep operating during an incredibly challenging period. We were able to keep our staff on, and were even able to slowly grow - though not without challenges.

We went from a majority draught and cask brewery to over 90% cans in a few short months. Our canning equipment and packaging team were pushed to the limit to keep up with the demand, and our brewers started dreading making mostly the same 3 or 4 beers on repeat. However, we got through it, and in a better position than when we started. We were able to add some new outdoor fermentation tanks, upgrade the brewhouse with a new whirlpool, and make some additional improvements around the facility.

Moving forward to 2022 we still have our beers listed across the UK and have added on other chains and retailers. Thanks to some new tanks and other new equipment, our team isn't quite so pressed even as the volumes keep rising - and with pubs, bars and restaurants, and even our own beer garden reopening - we've been able to add back in more variety and build up our year-round core range.