How to stock our beers

71 Beer is available to order directly from the brewery by emailing, or through the Sellar and EeBria trade platforms.

Customers in the Tay, Fife and Central Belt regions are within our local delivery radius and can receive 50L steel, or KegStar kegs.

Subscribers to our trade mailer have early access to new releases, subscriber-only discounts, as well as substantial discounts on overstocked and shorter-dated products.

You can sign up for our trade mailer here. 


    Place your order with us through Sellar's online marketplace. UK-wide shipping is avilable for boxes of cans, and 30L kegs and keykegs.

    Find us on Sellar 
  • EeBria

    Find us on the EeBria trade platform to order cans and 30L kegs/keykegs throughout the UK.

    Find us on EeBria