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Fruition Series 1

Our first pair of releases showcase the beautiful fruits of Scotland. We've chosen single fruits for both to showcase the character of beautiful Scottish produce.

[productL]strawberry-crush[productL] [productL]blueberry-smoothie[productL]

Fruition Series 2

Our third and fourth releases from our Fruition Seasonal Sours - Rhubarb Punch and Dark Berry Beret conditioned away over masses of fresh fruit in the brewhouse. Blending multiple fruits and flavours of the UK to give even more complex character.

[productL]rhubarb-punch[productL] [productL]dark-berry-beret[productL]

Fruition Series 3

Going farther afield, we've brought in tropical fruits to give our sours the perfect summer character. Taking inspiration from Mexico and Madeira, Passionfruit Poncha and Mango Cooler will almost make you think you're in the heat of the sun.

[productL]passionfruit-poncha[productL] [productL]mango-cooler[productL]

Fruition Series 4

Back home, in more ways than one. Incorporating the legendary Tayberry and the coziest of desserts, we've upped the ante in terms of flavour.

[productL]tayberry-fresca[productL] [productL]blackcurrant-apple-crumble[productL]