Introducing Mango Cooler and Passionfruit Poncha

Introducing Mango Cooler and Passionfruit Poncha

We are super excited to announce today the fifth and sixth releases from our fruition seasonal sours -mango cooler and passionfruit poncha.

Both of these beauties have been conditioning away over masses of fresh fruit in the brewhouse and are ready to be unleashed this week. 



Passionfruit Poncha

440ml - 7.2%

Drawing inspiration from the marvellous Madeiran Poncha, we’ve blended tart, sweet and ever-so-juicy passionfruit pulp with vivid, citrus Italian blood orange in this sublime hazy sour. Tropical, sunshine notes burst through followed by a vibrant, refreshing wave of citrus tang. This is Passionfruit Poncha.

These beers join our existing Blueberry Smoothie, Strawberry Crush, Dark Berry Beret and Rhubarb Punch. 




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