Introducing, Rhubarb Punch and Dark Berry Beret

Introducing, Rhubarb Punch and Dark Berry Beret

We are super excited to announce today the third and fourth releases from our Fruition Seasonal Sours - Rhubarb Punch and Dark Berry Beret. 

Both of these beauties have been conditioning away over masses of fresh fruit in the brewhouse and are ready to be unleashed this week. 

First up, we have Rhubarb Punch: We’ve reached out beyond our own shores with this magnificent mash-up of sublimely tart Scottish rhubarb, vivid, sweet Italian Tarocco blood orange and a zip of Mexican lime. Blended and conditioned in our hazy sour beer, creating a super refreshing, crimson coral punch. This is Rhubarb Punch. 

And the sublime Dark Berry Beret : Locally sourced raspberries, blackcurrants and blackberries were packed into this glorious sour, making it burst with a fresh, smooth acidity and wrapped up with hints of soft vanilla and dark, fruit sorbet notes.
This is Dark Berry Beret. 

These beers join our existing Blueberry Smoothie and Strawberry Crush. 

Fruition is our series of fruit forward mixed fermentation hazy sours.

Inspired by our local surroundings, the first few releases will focus on glorious Scottish berries. We have sourced the highest quality Scottish berries from the renowned fruit farms located in the Carse of Gowrie - famous for producing exceptionally delicious, ripe and juicy soft fruits.
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