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Market Time!!

Market Time!!
Now the summer season is over, that brings an end to our beer gardens regular opening hours. We will however be opening for a number of markets throughout the winter period.

The Barket - 22nd & 23rd October
(A market weekend dedicated to mans best friend) 
Yard market - 5th & 6th November
(Local craft stalls and food trucks)
Yard market - 3rd & 4th December
(Local craft stalls and food trucks)
Xmas Barket - 10th & 11th December
(A market to pick up any last minute pressies)
Xmas market - 17th & 18th December
(A market to pick up any last minute pressies)


Meet the Staff - Georgie

Meet the Staff - Georgie


Introducing our second staff blog featuring the one and only Georgie! Georgie is one of our fab 71 Beer Garden staff, you can catch her in there every weekend. She’s known for pouring the best pints and is the resident 71 Beer Garden playlist composer. Here’s a few words from big Georgie herself! 

Helloo, I’m Georgie, I’m one of the bartenders at 71 brewing. I’m originally from Troon and moved up to Dundee three years ago to study international relations, French and German at uni. For the past two years I’ve spent most of my weekends at the 71 taproom and now beer garden.

Back then I think the only beer I had drank was tennants, fast forward to now and I’ve tried beers I never even knew existed before and learnt so much about them from the experts I work with. I’ve definitely developed a big love for craft beer and you’ll only occasionally catch me drinking a big juicy.

In my spare time you can find me doing a lot of the usual student stuff, drinking and hanging around in magdalen green with my friends, as well as playing basketball and falling off my skateboard.

Music most likely to listen to in beer garden:

I love that we get to play whatever music we like, I try to play stuff that I think most people will enjoy but it’s definitely still my taste. I’m usually blasting a bit of electro-funk and jazz, Afro-disco and hip hop. If I can sense the customers aren’t feeling the vibe, I’ll chuck on a bit of generic pop.

Favourite bars:

Dukes Corner, Trades House, George Orwell, Art Bar or Abandon Ship.

Favourite beer:

I love a big fruity number, sours and wheat beers. My all time favourite 71 beers have to be Berry Bon Bon, Rhubarb Punch, Light of the Morning and Bacca Peh.

Favourite thing about the city:

I moved to Dundee at 17 when I came to uni. In the past three years I’ve done a lot of growing up and evolving, and I’ve met so many amazing and diverse people that have helped me do this. 71 has been a massive part of that and the two plus years I’ve spent working here has been priceless. Without having found this little family / company, Dundee wouldn’t have nearly half as big a place in my heart as it does now.
The people are also great craic, the night life is banging (cheap), and I love being by the river and all the beautiful views. Especially coming from a seaside town, it makes me feel even more at home.

Beers I’d like to see 71 brew:

I would love to see more gose’s, low percent beers and a wheat beer. As much as I love the big boozy ones, my body canny handle it anymore.


Hope to see you soon at the beer green!
Cheers x

Introducing the brand new, all year-round, 71 Brewing line-up!

Introducing the brand new, all year-round, 71 Brewing line-up!

The series contains 71 Brewing staples; 71 Lager, Mandarina Sky and Cloud Fall, which are joined by two super exciting new releases! First up Throwin’ Shapes - a super fresh and resiney 6.5% West Coast IPA and secondly Rollin’ Coaster - 7.4% our big, juicy DIPA.

With this continual series, we set out to create a selection of beers reflecting the styles we love to make and which you love to drink. These beers are the results of the hard grafting of our brewhouse team, seeking out new flavours, and brewing techniques based on continual recipe development. Despite the woes and weird times of lockdown, it gave us time to experiment with new ingredients and tweak existing recipes, getting them tasting better than ever.

The demand for our beers to be packaged in a larger serving size has increased massively throughout 2020 and into 2021, as such all 5 beers in this series will be available in 440ml cans along with a revamped label design for each. We’ve all been a little bit thirstier over the past year, so we’ve gone with the larger can format because you asked for it.

What do you think? We would love to hear your feedback! As we continue to grow as a brewery we want our community to help shape the future of 71 Brewing.
Available online from today, and nation wide from next week.